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You may have been following our patient, Claire, on Instagram.

When she first came to see us, she really wasn’t a big fan of the dentist, but after a few visits, she actually voluntarily wanted treatment! She signed up for Invisalign, and just over 15 months after her initial Invisalign consultation, she’s all done.

If you can believe it, she’s even thinking of having an implant in the future! And this is coming from someone who was very reluctant to even sit in the dental chair when she first came to see us.

She’s been a pleasure to treat, and we look forward to updating you all when she decides to get her implant done. We would also like to thank her for letting us use all her pictures and for being just a wonderful patient!

Claire’s treatment included a course of Invisalign, Boutique Whitening, and a small composite build up on one of her front teeth (not pictured).

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