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Aesthetic Smile Design


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Halesowen Dental has incorporated some of the latest dental technologies into our practice to help you achieve the type of smile our patients want. Aesthetic smile design gives you a clearer picture of what these technologies can achieve for you and what results to expect.

What is aesthetic smile design?

Aesthetic smile design uses the latest dental technology to predict the results of cosmetic, orthodontic, and other treatments which will modify the look of your smile. By carefully mapping out your mouth and using 3D computer technology, it is possible to get a realistic idea of what cosmetic dental treatment can achieve.

Aesthetic smile design achieves a high level of accuracy in its predictions. It can analyse the shape of your face and underlying bone, to create a clear picture of your mouth post-treatment.

It is also possible to make the process interactive, allowing you to compare options and help communicate your goals to your dentist. By using state-of-the-art visual aids, it is easier for us to understand exactly what you want from your cosmetic dental treatment.

Aesthetic Smile Design

Why would I need aesthetic smile design?

This service is a starting point for cosmetic dental treatment. You may wish to use it to better understand the potential of any treatments you are considering. By setting out clear expectations, you can decide on the procedures that will produce the smile you desire.

It can also improve communication, using helpful visuals to predict the results of treatment. Also, you can express any specific requirements to your dentist. You can then compare the possible effects of different combinations of treatments.

We use the iTero scanner to take hundreds of individual pictures of your teeth. These are then combined to create a 3D image on the computer. We can also send this image to a dental lab, to be 3D printed.

What are the benefits of 3D treatment planning?

  • Provides a visual of the potential results of any procedures you might consider.
  • Uses the latest dental technology to present accurate results.
  • Improves communication and manages expectations.

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Read more about the iTero scanner here.

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