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By fitting an entire row of teeth on four or six implants, it is possible to quickly and drastically modify the appearance of your smile.

What are All on Four /All on Six?

These treatments are two variations of the same approach: fitting an entire row of teeth on a handful of implants, which offers rigidity without using single tooth dental implants.

It can also improve comfort compared to gum-fitted dentures as pressure transfers directly to the bone, just like with your original teeth. All-on-Four involves two implants at the front, perpendicular to the bone, and two at the rear of the mouth, angled for stability. All-on-Six has a slightly different layout, using six implants instead of four.

Why would I need All on Four /All on Six?

These treatments replace missing or damaged teeth in the same way as other implants. The difference is combining an entire row of teeth together and using the novel approach of fitting everything in a single day.

This might be advantageous for many reasons, for example, to prevent interruption to your schedule and eliminate the negative aesthetic implant of having an uncrowned implant is visible.

What are the benefits of All on Four /All on Six?

  • A fast fix requiring fewer visits to the dentist,
  • A minimal number of implants, although still have enough to support the denture.
  • Bone grafts are generally unnecessary, but your dentist will advise if this is needed.

Other suitable options

How much do All-on-Four/All-on-Six Same Day Teeth cost?

The exact price depends on several factors including whether you use All-on Four or All-on-Six.

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