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Anterior Composite Bonding

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Anterior composite bonding is a simple procedure that can fill or repair teeth for functional or aesthetic purposes. Your dentist may recommend this procedure for minor repairs which don’t necessitate a crown or veneer.

What is anterior composite bonding?

This conservative procedure involves the use of a composite, like that used in fillings, to fill or repair minor issues with teeth. These issues can include discoloration, chips, abrasion, and cracks, as well as gaps or misaligned teeth.

Building up the tooth with composite forms a strong bond with tooth enamel. Once hardened and polished, the composite has a natural appearance, which functions just like the original healthy tooth.

Why would I need anterior composite bonding?

The process is suitable for front teeth which are chipped or otherwise injured such when participating in a sport, to restore a natural, confident smile as well as normal bite function of the incisors or canines.

You may also be interested in anterior composite bonding for cosmetic reasons. The procedure can help fill unwanted gaps between teeth and improve the appearance of teeth which are misaligned.

What are the benefits of anterior composite bonding?

  • A functional benefit of building up teeth where the enamel is chipped or otherwise damaged.
  • Offers an aesthetic improvement to teeth, when used to fill in gaps or cover up discolouration.
  • A conservative procedure which can restore minor imperfections avoiding expensive and intrusive dental treatment.

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How much does anterior composite bonding cost?

Costs for this procedure start at around £110 and scale with the nature of work required but are always typically cheaper than fitting a crown or veneer. Your dentist will advise you if anterior composite bonding is a suitable option for your oral health or aesthetic requirements.

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