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Flexible Valplast Dentures


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Valplast dentures are made of a thin biocompatible thermoplastic, such as nylon.

Their flexibility allows them to be moulded around difficult areas of your mouth that would be otherwise unachievable or uncomfortable with a regular hard denture. This flexibility also makes Valplast dentures tighter fitting without the need for metal wires or clasps and usually removes the need for denture adhesives. Due to the high strength of the resin, they are less brittle than acrylic dentures, and so are much stronger and longer lasting. The material is very translucent, and this allows the denture to blend into the mouth creating far superior aesthetics.

What are the benefits of partial dentures?

If you’re considering getting a partial Valplast denture, then whether or not partial dentures are any good has crossed your mind at some point. Compared to full dentures, partials are a great alternative if you need to replace lost teeth when some of your natural teeth are still in place. Here are a few benefits of partial dentures.

  • Getting a partial denture is a much less invasive procedure.
  • Typically cost a lot less than having to replace a tooth.
  • Improves the look of your smile and instills confidence.
  • If additional teeth are needed in the future, they are relatively easy to add.
  • Improves the overall comfort when chewing, eating, and speaking.
  • Easy to adapt to compared to complete dentures.
  • Lower absorption of odors or stains
  • Zero BPA and made with biocompatible materials.
  • Can prevent any remaining teeth from shifting into gaps.

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What Exactly is a Valplast Denture?

Another term for Valplast Dentures is Thermoplast dentures. Essentially, the thermoplastic nylon resin that is used in the construction of a Valplast denture is thinner, longer lasting, and more flexible than metal or acrylic dentures.

A Valplast denture makes eating and chewing more comfortable.

With most dental repairs a major advantage for the client with a Valpast Denture is a more confident smile. Aside from the aesthetics, they can improve, with maintenance one’s oral health, and they can reduce stress placed on the jaw joints when teeth are missing.

What Do People Really Say About Partial Dentures?

While dentures are great in theory, the vast majority of people who have them might find that over time, as the shape of their jaw and their face changes, they can become a little uncomfortable as they no longer fit as well as when they were originally made.

While partial dentures were certainly made to withstand the test of time, they ignored the fact that a person’s mouth is constantly reshaping.

So why pick a Valplast denture?

Happy IDA PatientThe secret behind this particular type of partial denture is the genuine problem it solves.

As far as removable partial dentures go, Valplast is a game-changer. Made from a distinct nylon resin, which they state is unbreakable; they offer a lifetime guarantee to prove their confidence in this statement and provide reassurance to dentists and patients alike. Another distinct advantage of the materials used in a Valplast Denture is their ability to adapt to the movement and changing shape of a person’s mouth.

Aside from this, many patients report they are more comfortable to remove and put back into place. The materials that are used are aimed at suiting the natural colors of the gums and teeth, and there aren’t any metal clasps that can so often be seen with traditional dentures.

Valplast Dentures don’t just provide a viable alternative to traditional dentures, they are a significant improvement, they are strong, they match well with existing teeth, and are flexible.

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