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Dentist For Nervous Patients


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Dental work can cause anxiety in many people, because of negative experiences from now out-dated practices, or representations in media. At Halesowen Dental, we pride ourselves on compassionate, considerate care for anxious patients, offering understanding and a variety of anaesthesia options.

What options are available for nervous patients?

First and foremost, we feel it is important to be compassionate and understanding when it comes to nervous patients. We like to get to know you before we undertake any treatment, so that we can take on any phobias together. We will always pause treatment when you signal you feel the need for a break, or if you have any concern. By putting you in control of the treatment, you may feel more comfortable and find it easier to complete the procedure.

Dentist for nervous patients

Halesowen Dental offers a comfortable, family-friendly environment with modern technology. The Wand is an excellent tool at our disposal for administering local anaesthetic. It lacks the visual cues of a needle and syringe, which can be intimidating or nerve-inducing for some patients. Additionally, it applies an even flow of anaesthetic to a single tooth, limiting collateral numbness which can cause discomfort or additional anxiety.

We also offer IV sedation, delivered via an injection into the arm. This can put you at complete ease during dental work. Many patients reporting that hours of treatment felt as though they took only a few minutes.

What are the benefits of these treatments?

  • Managing nerves is an important part of improving your attitude and comfort when visiting the dentist, which can have a positive impact on your overall oral health.
  • Taking an active approach to your dental phobia is a positive step in putting your health first.

Other suitable options

How much do treatments for nervous patients cost?

Procedures to manage your nerves, such as sedation, will incur a cost. Speak to your dentist about your sedation requirements and to our dental treatment coordinator about financing options if necessary.

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Additional resources: Tips to ease dental fear by the NHS

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