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Sinus Lifts for Implants


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Our practice has a highly experienced specialist implant dentist who can perform sinus lifts to allow for implants where previously the position of the sinus may have made it impossible.

What are sinus lifts for implants?

The posterior maxilla, a portion of the upper jaw often needs to be strengthened before a dental implant can be placed. The procedure known as a sinus lift or sinus augmentation can significantly improve your dental health by thickening the bone in the upper arch at the back of the mouth, providing additional support for implants.

The procedure lifts the sinus cavity, creating the depth required for implant fitting. This entails placing bone grafting material and blocks to encourage new bone formation. Following the procedure, you will need several months to heal before you can have the implants placed.

With this procedure, even those who may have previously been unsuitable for implants can benefit from a restored bite and long-term solution to missing or failing teeth.


Why would I need sinus lifts for implants?

When a tooth is lost, the bone around the area can begin to shrink away due to the lack of use of the area. If you wait too long after losing a tooth, you may need a sinus lift to make inserting an implant feasible.

Periodontal disease can damage not only the tooth and the gum but also the jawbone making it too weak to support a dental implant and you may require a sinus lift.

What are the benefits of sinus lifts for implants?

  • Allows for the fitting of implants that would otherwise be impossible.
  • A safe procedure which allows for a long-term solution to missing or failing teeth.
  • Restores function and aesthetics to your smile.
  • Protects against future bone loss.

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How much do sinus lifts for implants cost?

To find out how we can help you, please call us today to book a consultation: 0121 550 6958 or visit our fees page for more information.

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