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10 Amazing facts about teeth!


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I thought for this weeks blog, I’d just do a general tooth fact sheet. So prepare to be amazed with these dental anecdotes!

1: Your teeth begin growing before you’re even born.

2: Your wisdom teeth are aptly named because by the time they develop (usually around your late teens or early 20s), you should be wiser! I don’t know what that says about me, I’ve only got one and it causes me some right jip sometimes!

3: The second most common disease in the world is tooth decay.

4: Blue toothbrushes are more popular than red toothbrushes. I wonder why?

5: Saliva protects the teeth by transporting food away and neutralising acids. Our bodies will make around 100,000 gallons in our lifetime. That’s pretty amazing and gross at the same time.

6: Kissing a donkey, spitting in the mouth of a frog and sucking on a dead mans tooth used to be remedies for toothache. Anyone care to give one of these a try? No?

7: Tooth enamel is supposed to be the hardest substance in your body. And the tongue is meant to be the strongest.

8: The average person spends about 38 hours in their lifetime brushing their teeth.

9: A snails mouth is no larger than the head of a pin, but can hold up to 25,000 teeth. I mean, what? That can’t be true can it? Imagine trying to do a root canal on a snail! Mind. Blown.

10: Visiting the dentist annually reduces the risk of tooth decay by about 60%.

And that’s that. Go and enjoy these little dental fact nuggets with your friends!

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