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Bone Grafting for Implants


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After loss or extraction of teeth, some patients may not have enough bone structure for a new implant. Bone grafting enables reconstruction of the bone in order to achieve sufficient integrity for the fitting of an implant.

What is bone grafting for implants?

Dental bone grafting is done to restore your bone to its previous form following gum disease, tooth loss, extraction or trauma. This surgical procedure rebuilds the bone underneath your teeth to prepare it for an implant. Depending on your requirements, it may involve taking a small piece of bone from another part of your body to harden or thicken the jaw or upper mouth.

Alternatively, in most cases, it is possible to use synthetic grafting material. Sometimes your dentist will carry out the procedure at the same time as your implant surgery, reducing the number of visits you will need to make to the dentist. This can depend on your exact needs as a patient.

Why would I need grafting for implants?

An implant replaces an extracted or lost tooth or teeth. In some cases, the underlying bone may lack enough thickness or density to support the implant.

Using a bone graft, it is possible to strengthen your jaw, so the implant can be placed successfully.

What are the benefits of bone grafting for implants?

  • Creates a strong jaw structure to support implants which are the best long-term solution for replacing teeth.
  • Improves your appearance.
  • Boosts self-confidence.
  • Protects against future bone loss.
  • Restores eating and speaking function.

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How much does bone grafting for implants cost?

The exact cost of bone grafting for implants can vary depending on the type of graft and work required.

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