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The Dental Wand is an alternative anaesthetic application device, which replaces the traditional needle and syringe. This option is suitable for nervous patients undergoing a variety of dental procedures.

What is The Wand?

The dental wand is computerised device is a small, lightweight implement resembling a pen. Controlled by a computer, it delivers anaesthetic in a non-threatening manner with an even flow that is comfortable and accurate, without the use of traditional syringes.

The Dental Wand is a state-of-the-art dental anaesthetic device, designed specifically with nervous patients in mind. However, it can also help to improve comfort and eliminate collateral numbness which can be of benefit to all patients.

Why would I need The Wand?

If you experience significant anxiety at the sight of a needle or experience acute discomfort when receiving dental injections, the Wand may be a suitable option. It looks more like a pen than a medical implement, which removes visual anxiety triggers and can help to deliver a more even-flow of anaesthetic.

Many patients find that the Wand eliminates the “bee sting” effect of needles, improving overall comfort. If you require dental treatment that necessitates an anaesthetic, ask your dentist about the Wand and other options available to enhance your comfort during the a dental procedure.

What are the benefits of The Wand?

  • Removes the visual effect of “the needle” which can have a significant improvement on the comfort of patients.
  • Delivers a computer-controlled, even-flow of anaesthetic, potentially helping to reduce or eliminate collateral numbness.
  • Offers peace of mind and reduces anxiety for nervous patients without the need for sedation.
  • More comfortable than the syringe.

Other suitable options

How much does The Wand cost?

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