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We are pleased to showcase some of our patients new smiles. If you would like to find out more about a particular treatment or to see how we can help you achieve your smile goal, please do not hesitate to call us today!

Teeth Straightening & Whitening

A course of Invisalign and Boutique whitening completely changed the look of this patients teeth.

Teeth Straightening & Whitening

This patient had crowding of her upper and lower teeth. They underwent a course of Invisalign, and finished off with Boutique whitening. It’s made quite the difference!

Teeth Whitening

This is a great case to show just how good whitening can be. A single course of Boutique whitening took this patient from a shade D3 to B1 (which is the lightest shade on our guide).

Simple, yet effective.

Teeth Straightening & Cosmetic Enhancements

This patient had a course of Invisalign orthodontic treatment, Boutique whitening, and some composite build ups on her lower teeth.

Implant Retained Denture

This patient came to see us as she had a very worn down upper implant retained denture, and needed a replacement. Less than a month later, we were able to fit her with a beautiful new denture that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional too.

Composite bonding to fix a diastema

Lots of people think that the only way to close gaps in the teeth is to have orthodontics, but this is not the case. This patient was happy with the position of most of her teeth, but she wasn’t a fan of the diastema (the gap between the front teeth). So, composite bonding to the rescue!

Teeth Straightening & Dental Crown

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth, mainly the gaps between, and an old crown, whose margins had become apparent over time.

After a course of Invisalign, we fitted the patient with a new e-max crown. The results speak for themselves!

Teeth Straightening & Cosmetic Enhancements

This patient just wanted a small tweak to her smile, but that small tweak has made a massive difference!

We first carried out a course of Invisalign, then Boutique whitening, and finished off with some lovely composite build up on her upper anteriors.

Smile Make Over

Our lovely patient wanted a solution to her missing tooth. She was also unhappy with the general appearance of her teeth.

So, we placed an implant in the gap, which was then fitted with an implant crown. Once that was completed, we carried out a course of Invisalign Orthodontic treatment, Boutique Whitening and finally some composite build ups.

A real smile make over!

Teeth Straightening & Cosmetic Enhancements

You may have been following our patient, Claire, on Instagram.

When she first came to see us, she really wasn’t a big fan of the dentist, but after a few visits, she actually voluntarily wanted treatment! She signed up for Invisalign, and just over 15 months after her initial Invisalign consultation, she’s all done.

If you can believe it, she’s even thinking of having an implant in the future! And this is coming from someone who was very reluctant to even sit in the dental chair when she first came to see us.

She’s been a pleasure to treat, and we look forward to updating you all when she decides to get her implant done. We would also like to thank her for letting us use all her pictures and for being just a wonderful patient!

Claire’s treatment included a course of Invisalign, Boutique whitening, and a small composite build up on one of her front teeth.

Invisalign Before & After 7 Halesowen

Veneers and whitening

The foundations of this patients teeth were solid, but food and drink had discoloured them over time. And there were a few chips thrown in. So, we did some tooth whitening and then fitted the patient with some new veneers. It doesn’t even look like the same mouth does it?

White Filling

This patient was unhappy with the look of their front tooth, due to the dark line that had developed over time in the enamel layer. A quick filling reduced it’s appearance and made the tooth look much more aesthetically pleasing.

Composite build ups

This patient was unhappy with the appearance of her incisor teeth. So we put some composite build ups onto those teeth. The change is small, but dramatic!

Composite bonding

This patients discoloured lateral incisors and gaps were making her feel self conscious about her smile. So, we put composite build ups all of her upper 6 teeth in one sitting! No needles, no pain, no problem, and a renewed feeling of confidence for this patient.

Composite build ups

Old fillings can often collect unwanted stain from food and drink. Over time, this can make them appear dull and discoloured. A quick and easy fix is composite build ups! Perfect for front teeth, this patient received a beautiful new aesthetically pleasing smile in just one visit.


If you have any questions regarding your treatment and the treatments above, please contact us today for a more tailored discussion.