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Root Canal


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A root canal treatment can save a tooth that has become infected or badly damaged by removing the infected nerve tissue inside the tooth.

What is a root canal?

The root canal of a tooth is the soft natural cavity that lies in the centre of the tooth, beneath the enamel. Root Canal treatment removes the damaged or infected nerve and pulp and seals the area around the affected tooth to prevent further infection and inflammation.

Why would I need a root canal?

If the inside of your tooth becomes damaged, it can cause an infection, which is both painful and risks spreading throughout your mouth. Root canal treatment prevents this from occurring by removing the diseased tissue. Your dentist will advise you if he or she believes root canal treatment is necessary and suitable.

What are the benefits of a root canal?

  • Effectively prevents further infection in the tooth, which may otherwise result in the need for an extraction
  • Offers a high degree of success and can help maintain natural teeth

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How much does a root canal treatment cost?

We offer root canal treatment from £332. Please contact our office to make an appointment for a consultation.

To find out how we can help you, please call us today to book a consultation: 0121 550 6958.

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