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Acrylic Dentures


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Acrylic dentures consist of a pink plastic base and are the most frequently used dentures.

A removable alternative to natural teeth, they can be made to fit any mouth. They can be used for partial, full and immediate dentures and are often the dentures of choice due to their lower cost in comparison to other materials. You can also get acrylic teeth that go onto a metal framework, known as chrome dentures.

Acrylic dentures are generally easier to adjust and can be altered if the health of your mouth changes. They offer very good natural aesthetics, and can be retained by implants for a more natural look.

Acrylic dentures can be made to look just like natural teeth
Dentures can be made to look just like natural teeth

Dentures are very versatile. They can be used to fill one space, a few spaces, or your whole mouth. They are removable, even if they are implant retained.

They are easy to care for as well, and easily replaced if and when needed.

Each denture is made to fit in a dental laboratory. We take impressions of your mouth, and then send these off to the lab. After the 3 stages, a bite, a try in, and a fit, you will be able to go home with your new teeth. At the try in stage, you will get to try in your new teeth, but they will still be made in wax, so that you can make any adjustments before they are completed.

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For more information on dentures, visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/dentures/

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