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Surgical Extractions


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Surgical extractions are necessitated when a simple extraction is not possible. Typically, this may be related to the removal of wisdom teeth but can occur, for example when a tooth breaks off during a simple extraction.

What is a surgical extraction?

Surgical extraction is the removal of volatile teeth that have yet to grow in past the gum line. Unlike simple extraction with forceps, your dentist or oral surgeon will need to remove some gum tissue or bone to perform the extraction.

The procedure is very common in dentistry, especially for wisdom teeth. After the surgery, some stitches may be required for the gum to heal properly. Your dentist will inform you of options available to replace the tooth, if necessary.

Why would I need surgical extractions?

Usually, a surgical extraction is a last resort. We may need to carry out a surgical if a tooth has become impacted with another tooth under the gum level, making it hard to get out. Other reasons could be due to a tooth that has broken at gum level, or that the tooth is a strange shape, making it hard to extract normally.

Your dentist can examine your tooth and may use an x-ray to determine the method of extraction required. The diagnosis is relatively simple, and your dentist can inform you of options available to make the procedure as painless as possible.

What are the benefits of a surgical extraction?

  • The procedure fully removes the affected tooth, along with any remnants, which completely solves any issues relating to the tooth such as discomfort.
  • Protect the surrounding teeth from potential infection.

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How much do surgical extractions cost?

Surgical extractions are usually a simple procedure.

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