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Fissure Sealants 


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Sealing fissures in teeth is an excellent way of preventing future damage and possibly avoiding the formation of cavities. Your dentist may recommend sealants for some of your child’s teeth, as they are best applied as soon as a tooth emerges.

What is a fissure sealant?

A fissure sealant is a preventative measure that makes use of a bonding agent, such as glass ionomer, to fill in grooves present on the surface of molars or pits in the front teeth. These fissures can collect bacteria, which may be difficult to remove through cleaning and can lead to future oral health complications.

The tooth is thoroughly cleaned before the sealant is applied and hardened using a bright light. The sealant coats and seals any grooves or hollows, creating a flatter surface which is easier to maintain through brushing and routine dental hygiene. Your dentist will then monitor the sealant over time, to make sure they are still intact and protecting the tooth.

Why would I need a fissure sealant?

Typically, sealants are applied to a child’s teeth as soon as it emerges. Surface irregularities in the teeth are perfectly natural but can mean an increased risk of developing decay, which may cause serious problems if spread to the pulp of the tooth.

Our dentists can evaluate the shape and surface of newly emerged teeth to spot any irregularities in the surface and may recommend fissure sealant to prevent future complications.

What are the benefits of fissure sealants?

  • Reduce the incidence of decay avoiding treatment further down the line.
  • It only takes a few minutes per tooth, but the sealant can provide protection for many

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How much do fissure sealants cost?

Fissure sealants can save money by preventing the need for future treatments.

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