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Implant Retained Dentures


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Implant retained dentures are a more modern approach to dentures which are becoming increasingly popular, offering improved comfort and reliability compared to gum-adhered dentures.

What are implant retained dentures?

These fittings make use of implants to secure dentures to the jaw rather than placing them on the gums. This can provide improved comfort and convenience, as pressure transfers to the bone, rather than the gums, while eating, and also preventing the movement of the denture.

Although they fit to an implant, the dentures are removable and washable just like regular dentures. This can be helpful in achieving optimal comfort and hygiene compared with permanent fittings.

Why would I need them?

Like any solution to missing teeth, implant retained dentures restore the natural look and feel of your original teeth.

They provide an alternative for those who experience discomfort with dentures fitted to the gums, or for those who lack the bone support for dentures. Implants create an anchor for the denture to the mouth. This prevents the deutres from moving around whilst talking and eating.

If you require a more comfortable, natural feeling solution to missing teeth, implant retained dentures might be a suitable option. Just like your natural teeth, they are connected to the jaw, directing pressure to onto your bone instead of softer tissue.

What are the benefits of implant retained dentures?

  • They provide a natural feel, which might make it easier for patients to acclimatise to wearing dentures.
  • No slippage.
  • Beautiful smile.

What could your treatment look like?

This patients old, worn, implant retained dentures were in need of replacement. So, we made her a beautiful new pair to fit onto her existing implants. Her new teeth look much more natural than her old set, and she now has improved functionality, as well as having new found confidence.

Other suitable options

How much do implant retained dentures cost?

This long-lasting dental solution is viable, depending on your exact requirements.

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Implant Sure

ImplantSure – Giving You Peace Of Mind

As an ImplantSure Participating Practice, we include a 5 year guarantee for our dental implant patients.

For your peace of mind:

  • Protection from the start of treatment
  • 5 years protection for your implant and prosthesis (implant supported crown, bridge or denture)
  • Covers the cost of potential remedial work undertaken
  • Includes accidental damage from outside (extraoral) or inside (intraoral) the mouth
  • Dental emergency treatment costs in relation to the dental implant or prosthesis
  • Backed by insurance

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