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At Halesowen Dental, we pride ourselves on offering considerate, understanding care for nervous patients. As well as providing anaesthetic to make procedures painless and comfortable, we offer sedation to put you completely at ease during treatment.

What is sedation?

Sedation is a method of completely relaxing your mind and body, allowing dental treatment to take place with minimal disturbance and discomfort. Many nervous patients find that sedation enables them to endure lengthy procedures, feeling as though the time passed in just a few minutes.

The sedatives themselves are substances, legal and approved for use in dentistry. Most patients describe the effects as if you are in a trance-like state of relaxation. During this time, you will probably feel at complete ease, allowing our dentists to perform one or more treatments that might otherwise make some patients feel uncomfortable.

Our practice offers IV sedation, which involves an injection directly into the arm, and is a fast and effective method of application.

You may be required to have someone accompany you after sedation.

Why would I need sedation?

Although we pride ourselves on having a modern, comfortable, family-friendly dentist with a welcoming environment, some patients experience anxiety.

Modern dentistry has made great strides in making patients feel comfortable. Despite this, certain dental treatments may require long periods in the dental chair, and if you have a predisposition to dental treatment anxiety, you may find sedation to be the solution.

Sedation allows for total relaxation, offering you comfort when undergoing multiple or lengthy procedures in a single session.

What are the benefits of sedation?

  • Sedation enables nervous patients to feel more at ease during dental treatments.
  • Sedation provides relief from any pain that might occur during a procedure.
  • Dentists can often work faster and more efficiently if a patient is sedated.

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How much does sedation cost?

Contact us to receive detailed information about sedation for your treatment and specific costs.

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