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Tooth Extraction


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If a tooth becomes too decayed or damaged to restore with any type of dental treatment, your dentist might recommend tooth extractions. This involves removing the affected tooth to prevent further pain and discomfort. After extraction, various prosthetic replacement options are available.

What is a tooth extraction?

A tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from your mouth. The procedure offers an effective and lasting solution for resolving a range of dental issues. Once removed, you can explore options for replacing the tooth, such as a dental implant, bridge, or other treatment.

Why would I need tooth extractions?

At Halesowen Dental, our goal is to offer great preventative dentistry. Although tooth extraction is the last resort, it also has a role in preventing further issues.

If one of your teeth is causing you a great deal of pain and is damaged beyond the point of repair, tooth extraction offers a chance to restore your comfort. Broken or decayed teeth may also present a greater risk of infection, which tooth extraction can help to prevent.

What are the benefits of tooth extractions?

  • Effectively relieves pain and allows you to enjoy life, without the constant ache of a damaged or infected tooth.
  • Allows you to have implants or dentures fitted to restore a healthy smile and return the normal function of your teeth.

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How much do tooth extractions cost?

We can advise you on tooth extraction, and we will make sure it is the right choice for your dental health.

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