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Your dentist may recommend a bridge to replace one or more missing teeth if your surrounding teeth are healthy. A bridge restores your bite and helps to keep the natural shape of your face for a more youthful appearance.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a fabricated tooth that is attached to the teeth on one or both sides of a gap. It can hold your other teeth in place, restores your bite and makes eating and speaking easier.

Bridges also restore the natural shape of your face and can prevent adjacent teeth from shifting.

They come in a variety of materials but are typically made from porcelain to replicate the natural look of your teeth.

Why would I need a bridge?

Bridges are a good option to replace one or more missing teeth and restore your bite.  They prevent other teeth from shifting, preventing tooth decay and discomfort.  They also prevent bone loss, maintaining your facial structure and improving your self-confidence.

What are the benefits of a bridge?

  • Matches the natural look and function of teeth, re-establishing comfort and confidence by restoring your smile.
  • Restores the function of your teeth so you can eat and chew properly.

Other suitable options

How much does a bridge cost?

Dental bridges can vastly differ in design and size. Your dentist will be able to assess your needs and accordingly advise you on the most suitable bridge design and cost.

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