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Immediate Dentures


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Immediate dentures can be a partial or complete denture which is made and inserted immediately following the extraction of one or a number of natural teeth.

Immediate dentures are made prior to the removal of your teeth meaning that you never need to worry about appearing in public without your teeth. Their placement following extraction also allows them to protect the underlying tissues during the healing process, whilst maintaining speech, face shape and functionality.

Why would I need immediate dentures?

Immediate Dentures are helpful for keeping a gap after a tooth extraction. Sometimes teeth like to drift into available gaps. If we need the gap to stay so that we can place an implant, then an immediate denture can help do that.

In addition to this, they also replace a missing tooth if you have had it extracted. This means you won’t have any gaps between extraction, and the more permament solution.

Can immediate dentures be permanent?

Yes! If you are happy with your denture, then you can keep it. But bear in mind that if you have had an extraction, the gum and bone around this site will alter. This may make your denture loose, and may need replacing in a few years.

You may also be advised if your immediate denture is temporary. The healing process following the removal of natural teeth can lead to the changing in the shape of the underlying bony structures and so this immediate denture may become looser in the months following insertion and a more definitive solution may then be required such as dental implants.

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