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A complete denture (or full) is a removable denture that is used when all teeth in a jaw have been lost.
Complete dentures are fully tissue supported and are made with an acrylic base plate that is shaped and polished to closely mimic your natural gums. They use a suction grip to gain retention, however, often denture adhesives may need to be used. Upper dentures use the roof of the mouth for support whilst lower dentures are U-shape to allow space for the tongue.

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Why Would I Need a Complete Denture?

In the worst case scenario of having no teeth on either your upper or lower jaw, a complete denture is an option to replace them. This is a completely removable option so you will be able to take them in and out as your please.

Will I Be Able To Eat My Favourite Foods?

Initially when you first get your complete dentures, there is an acclimatisation period to get used to them. It is recommended to keep to a softer diet during this time while you get used to your new teeth. Once this passes though, you should be able to eat almost anything again, but it is expected that any food which is sticky or tough, will always be hard to eat.

What To Do If Your Dentures Feel Loose

When it comes to replacing missing teeth with removable dentures, it is normal to experience an embedding in process where your denture needs to settle in place. Even though during the process of getting these dentures you will have had primary impressions of your mouth, followed by secondary impressions (which are used to make the denture), you may find after the embedding in process there will be a further tweak to your dentures to get them well fitted and comfortable. This is because your mouth needs to accept the new prosthesis and as a results can change with the denture in place. If you are worried your denture is feeling loose please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will My Denture Become Loose Overtime?

With any removable tooth replacement option, our mouths/gums/bone ridges will go through a changes known as bone resorption. This is when the bone starts to fade away in the mouth, causing the once well fitted denture, to feel loose and uncomfortable. This is a normal occurrence in the body and is sped up when we don’t have our natural teeth, as when we have teeth in place (or implant teeth), the act of chewing and biting helps to keep sending signals to keep the bone strong through osseointegration.

When the denture starts to feel loose again, this is because it was made for a different shape that the mouth used to be in before the bone faded. As a result, you will require a denture reline so the base of the denture can be made to match your mouth again, for a more comfortable & secure denture.

How quick bone resorption occurs will vary from one person to the next. There are many different factors to take into consideration.

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