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Can We Tell If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?


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Can my dentist tell if I don’t brush my teeth?

The simple answer is, yes we can! You should always brush your teeth twice a day, once before bed and at one other time, and with a fluoride toothpaste. You should also aim to get something in between your teeth at least once a day as well, because all sorts of food and bacteria can get caught between your teeth, which will eventually lead to decay.

Basically, we can tell if you don’t brush your teeth because around 4 hours after brushing, plaque will start to form on your teeth. It’s a natural occurrence and collects on everyone. It’s a sticky, colourless deposit of bacteria that forms between the tooth and the gum, but is easily removed by brushing. However, if it is left there, it will calcify, go hard and turn into calculus. Once it reaches this stage, only we can get it off for you by doing a scale. Obviously, the less often you brush your teeth, the quicker this will build up, and that’s how we can tell!

And it doesn’t count of you give them a really good brush the morning of your appointment either; your gums will be red and inflamed from the extra brushing, so we will know that you’ve just tried extra hard just because you’re coming to see us!

So please, prevention is better than the cure so make sure you’re brushing twice a day, all the time!

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