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Happy Easter!


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Happy Easter to all our patients!

I love Easter. I love chocolate! It’s honestly my favourite thing to eat. If I could live off chocolate, I would.

Obviously, Easter is all about those yummy eggs. Get in my tummy! But chocolate can pose a very big threat to teeth.

Chocolate has the tendancy to get stuck in fissures and around teeth, and this, if done on a regular basis, can lead to tooth decay. The sugars in the chocolate will react with your saliva and then feast on the enamel of your tooth, causing decay.

So, we advise against snacking on chocolate, and having it as a treat at the end of a meal instead. This gives the saliva in your mouth time to re couperate and protect your teeth inbetween meals.

And, if you find you have too many easter eggs, then we will gladly take them off your hands, here at the practice. Hehe.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter!

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