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How do I manage my dental phobia?


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Dental Phobia is extremely common.

We tend to find it stems from a traumatic experience at the dentist as a child, or the fact that someone is invading your personal space. For some people, it’s the thought of the dental drill, or the idea of having a needle in the mouth. Whatever the reason, we can help.

Dental phobia is nothing to be ashamed of. We see lots of patients every week who, before they came to see us, thought the very idea of them setting foot into a dental surgery was out of this world. Yet, here they are attending regular 6 monthly check ups, and even having cosmetic work carried out!

So, how can we help?

First off, we would like to point out that we have won an award for our nervous patient management. In 2019, we won the Best Care of Nervous Patients Award at the Oral Health Awards. We’re very proud to have won, as it shows that we can and are making a difference to patients who have a dental phobia, and that it’s been recognised amongst our patients.

Second, we won’t rush you. We will take everything at your pace. Just want a chat? Great, phone us up and speak to one of our friendly team. Dawn, who is usually on reception, is happy to discuss any matter of the mouth with you, or even if you just want a chat about dentistry or how the weather is today, she’s there.

You’re welcome to come in to have a look around the practice. If the thought of even visiting for an appointment is daunting, then don’t! Just come and meet us, see what we’re all about and we can have a chat over a coffee. Or tea!

When you’re ready, we can book you an appointment. Our initial consultations are usually around 45 minutes long. We start of with a chat to see what we can do for you, address your fears and see how we can tackle them together. Don’t want to get into the dental chair? That’s fine. We will do what we can out of it. When you’re ready, we will have a look around your mouth and do a dental assessment, just using a mirror and probe… nothing scary. We will then take some x-rays so that we can see whats going on under the gum line, and create a plan from there. We’ll give you a treatment plan, and let you book in when you feel comfortable to.

Now, if the thought of treatment is what is putting you off, then don’t fret! We offer sedation, which won’t put you to sleepl but will make you very drowsy and you won’t have any memory of the procedure the following day.

We also have the Wand, which is our needle free anaesthetic, which can numb you up without the thought of the dreaded needle.

There are lots of reasons to visit the dentist. Hopefully, I’ve just given you a few more reasons to come and visit Halesowen Dental.

Please use the contact form below, or call us on 0121 550 6958 for more information.


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