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Our new consultation room


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We’ve had our dungarees on, and our paintbrushes in hand, and we’ve transformed our consulation room into a new beauty.

You’ll quite often find someone chilling out on that sofa at lunch time.

This is a space at the practice that doesn’t feel like you are at the practice. We’ve always taken pride in the fact that we don’t feel or really look like a dental practice generally, obviously with an exception to the surgeries themselves. But we also wanted a safe space for our patients to feel totally at ease, where they could be totally honest with us, and somewhat relaxed, so that we could have some nice, open discussions about their dental care.

We know that for some, the trip to a dentist is the most daunting thing out there. It’s a real fear for some that’s worse than spiders, flying or confined spaces. So we use the consultation room as a base room for those who don’t want to dive straight into seeing a dentist, or going into the surgery.

With that in mind, we are more than happy to see you before your appointment to discuss your fears or phobias. A sit down and a chat over a cup of coffee can do wonders! We can then take you for a tour of the practice and you can meet some of the staff.

It’s also the room our treatment co-ordinator, Terri, works out of. So when you come to see her, you can chill out on that lovely sofa and have a chat about your treatment. She will be able to tell you anything you need to know about your treatment, and answer any questions.


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