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Sports Mouth Guards


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These rubber protectors keep you safe during a variety of sporting activities. Our dentists fit moulded guards that are customised to your mouth, offering ideal comfort and protection.

What is a sports mouth guard?

Sports mouth guards are moulded rubber protectors to safeguard your jaw and mouth during contact sports such as rugby, hockey, and boxing. The guards protect your upper and lower teeth, as well as your gums. The dentist takes an impression of your mouth to create a customised mouth guard in a colour of your choice.

They are durable and easy to clean. Mouth guards should be replaced each season because they wear down over time and can become ineffective. Also, adolescent mouths continue to grow, and their teeth continue to develop into adulthood, so having a new mouth guard made at regular intervals is a good idea, especially if your teen plays multiple sports.

Why would I need a sports mouth guard?

Many sports present a risk of injury, and the mouth is particularly vulnerable as hard tackles or balls can knock or chip teeth. Our dentists offer mouth guards of different thicknesses, to balance comfort with the protective needs of each sport.

Sports mouth guards can offer protection against dental trauma such as fractured teeth. They also provide protection for athletes who wear braces or who have had other dental work such as veneers or bridges.

What are the benefits of a sports mouth guard?

  • Protects the upper and lower teeth and gums when playing contact sports from impact from frontal blows.
  • Acts as a buffer between the soft tissues of the lips and the cheeks and the teeth.
  • Opposing teeth are protected from traumatic contact with each other.
  • Moulded mouth guards offer superior protection and comfort compared to boil and bite and stock mouth guards.
  • Boosts athletes confidence and performance because they feel properly protected.

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How much does a sports mouth guard cost?

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