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The Ultimate Guide to Denplan from Simplyhealth


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With Denplan from Simplyhealth, you can budget in regular private routine dental care for you and your whole family.
For as little as £16.94 per month, you can enjoy regular dental check ups and cleans, discounts on treatments, world wide dental cover and much more.

What is Denplan?

Our plan is a budgeting plan for routine care. We’ve taken the price of 2 check ups, and 2 scale and polishes a year, added them all up and divided the cost by 12, so that you can access the best private dental care, without even noticing you’ve paid! We’ve even added in discounts to the cost of a check up and a scale and polish, so that it’s actually cheaper to be on Denplan than it is to pay-as-you-go. And you get all the extra benefits as well, so it’s completely worth joining as you save money right from the start. You then pay by direct debit once a month.

What does Denplan offer?

Denplan Essentials is just that. It provides your basic, essential routine care for the year. It is a fantastic private dental payment plan that makes sure that you have regular dental checkups with us to keep your teeth and gums healthy, whilst giving you a host of other excellent benefits, including a 20% discount on treatment.

How long does my Denplan run for?

Your plan runs from the month you sign up for 12 months, so if you sign up in April, it will run until the following March and so forth. It depends on which month you start your cover from, as to when it expires.

Does Denplan cover emergency treatment?

You will also benefit from no call out fee if you do find yourself in a pickle out of hours. This means we will get a dentist and a nurse on site for you and open up the practice free of charge. However, treatment thereafter will be chargeable. Denplan Essentials does not cover treatment. Denplan Care covers some treatment but it’s best to speak to a dentist first and see which plan is best.

Why should I join Denplan?

Prevention is always better than the cure, so coming to see us frequently means that we can look out for any potential problems, and stop them from becoming bigger issues in the future.

Our modern health-promoting approach with continuing care means you’ll likely need fewer fillings, have less dental decay, less likelihood of toothache, more attractive teeth, more treatment choice, reduced costs and a higher chance of keeping your natural teeth for life.

You will also receive other benefits such as free routine x-rays, 20% off treatment, emergency dental cover when more than 45 miles away from the practice, plus much more!

Which Denplan is best for me?

We currently offer two plans. You will need an appointment with a dentist first to see which one would suit you better, Denplan Essentials or Denplan Care.

What about my kids?  Can they join?

We also offer a Denplan for Kids. This is completely free up until the age of 6 if you or your partner are already on Denplan! Your kids will have awesome oral health from a young age, and we will set them up with lifelong habits to make sure they take care of their teeth.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here for more information on Denplan, or give us a call on 0121 550 6958 and get booked in today! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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